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As a child I used to play with my aunt's hats and was fascinated by these wonderful fabrics: veiling, feathers, pearls, velvet or silk. It looked like magic objects to me.

A few years later I learned my millinery skills in my home town, Brussels. The many Art Deco buildings and the retro mood of this city have definitely affected and shaped my style.

2000 I moved to Düsseldorf and settled down there my professional activities. Now I create one offs for special occasions as well as two collections a year. I also work occasionally for theatre companies or advertising companies and regularly lead hat workshops at fashion schools.

Since 2014 I have been sharing my studio and small shop in Düsseldorf with the fashion Designer Ulla Meiners. We believe in the same concept: individual design, high-quality fabrics in combination with professional advice. Every piece is handmade in our studio, from the creation to the manufacturing process.